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This is a 2-piece set for Riccar Vibrance Uprights. 


There is a choice to be made: Your post-filter will either be attached to the dust cover with velcro or plastic slits on the dust compartment door. Please let us know in the notes which one you need.


The second filter is the pre-motor filter which slides into the housing under the bag.


The older style Riccars or 4000 will normally take the filter with the slits.


The Newer, velcro style electrostatic post-filter set fits the Classic Body Vibrance upright models R20E, VIBDL and VIBPBP. It also fits the patriotic models VIBCL.USA, VIBUSA.SU and VIB.USAFS, as well as models VIBE, VIBENT, VIBCL, VIBCLNT, VIBS, VIBST, VIBD, VIBP and R20E.


If you're unsure which filters you need, please reach out to us.

Riccar Vibrance Filter Kit

SKU: 0919207
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